Spelling Lessons (Open)


You learn something new everyday— it’s when you have to re-learn it that things get old.

Considering the current events, there had been little action around the flat as of late. One could always count on James or Sirius batting around some new wild idea to kill time, or Lily experimenting with whatever she could get her curious little hands on. Even Peter sometimes dropped by to take benefit from their snacks, though he never found Remus’s super-secret stash of chocolates. Life was easy— too easy. Mundane. And when things got mundane, Remus Lupin always went back to the books. 

This time, he was a little embarrassed of it. The books in front of him in the main room had nothing to do with battle magic or enchantments or mystical beasts. No, it was a spelling book. For such a scholar of a boy, there were some very simple words that he just could never get right, and now was the time to work on them. 

Knowing that he’d be teased to no end should he be caught, he just gave a little sigh and continued. “Abs-ol-ute-ly. Absolutely. Absolutely!” He shook his head. “See, Remus, is it really that hard? Of course not, you’re just a baby who can’t spell ‘definintely’ on a good day. … Def—.. Dif—… oh god damnit.” 

James chuckled to himself quietly from the doorway of his room. He’d been laying down, pretending to nap when he heard his little Moonpie spelling things allowed. He always loved these days, where he could catch Remus relearning things. It was always good for a laugh, sure, but honestly, it just made James feel better that even Remus wasn’t perfect.

Stepping through into the next room, he began with “D-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y not your best word, mate.” He grinned at his mate, and skipped the rest of the way into the room, plopping himself down in the chair beside Remus.

"Are we having a spelling bee that I should know about? Should I be brushing up too?" he teased, panting a hand on the other man’s shoulder, good-naturedly.